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Over 100 Canadian artists demand cancellation of anti-immigrant TV show “Border Security”

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive

No Human Being Is IllegalOver 100 actors, directors, producers, directors, technicians and other cultural professionals have signed an open letter demanding the immediate cancellation of anti-immigrant TV series Border Security. The letter is addressed to National Geographic, Force Four Entertainment, Shaw Media, Global BC, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), “and all other producers, financiers, and broadcasters of Border Security”.

The signatories include award-winning author Naomi Klein.



Canada to immigrants: get ready for your unwanted close-up!

A series of exploitative moves by the federal government has undermined its claims to protect the privacy and dignity of immigrants.

Source: Toronto Star

Lots of good news these days if you’re hoping to break into show biz: British music mogul Simon Cowell is now accepting YouTube auditions for his global talent search. And the news is even better if you’re a newcomer to Canada and are yearning to be discovered. Merely through your presence on Canadian soil, you stand an excellent chance of landing on the latest hit show, “Ottawa’s Got Talent.” That exuberant clicking and whirring of camera lenses across the land is our federal government seeking out people with interesting immigration situations to help burnish the Harper team’s image and become media stars at the very same time.


Canada Border Service Agency broke law with reality TV self-promotion, says BCCLA

Rights watchdog files federal privacy complaint as diverse social justice, labour and migrant groups come together to oppose exploitation of vulnerable people for entertainment.

By: B.C. Civil Liberties Association | Press Release:

Canada Border Services Agency. Photo: Dave Conner (Flickr conner395)

Canada Border Services Agency. Photo: Dave Conner (Flickr conner395)

VANCOUVER – The BC Civil Liberties Association filed a formal complaint with the federal Privacy Commissioner today on behalf of a migrant worker who had been filmed for the Canada Border Services Agency’s reality television series. The complaint, brought by the BCCLA with Oscar Mata Duran, alleges that CBSA’s use of a reality TV crew to record its interactions with people is illegal and that it violated Mr. Mata Duran’s rights under the federal Privacy Act.

Mr. Mata Duran was detained on suspicion of working in Canada without proper documentation, and was deported yesterday. The complaint was launched today at a press conference at which a broad range of civil society groups joined together in opposition to the CBSA’s decision to transform its operations into a source of commercial entertainment.


Migrant worker and BCCLA to file complaint against CBSA over reality show privacy violations

By: B.C. Civil Liberties Association | Press Release:

The BC Civil Liberties Association, will file a complaint to the federal Privacy Commissioner on behalf of Oscar Mata Duran, a migrant worker who was deported yesterday and whose questioning by Canada Border Services Agency was taped without his consent for a reality TV show.


Harper government is “de facto” executive producer of border security reality TV show

Source: Straight.com

A MEMO AND agreement between Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and Force Four Entertainment sheds significant light on the extent to which the federal government is involved in the production of a reality television show being filmed in Vancouver.

“The CBSA would enjoy de facto executive production authorities,” the document states, “and as such, would identify scenarios, sites and storylines, as well as provide active engagement in, as well as oversight and control of, all film shoots.”