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There’s a fresh way on immigration – and it has the public’s support

Source: Guardian (UK)

A new survey points the way to a balanced and rational approach to immigration that could win widespread consent.

About immigration, it used to be charged that there was a “conspiracy of silence”. The liberal political elite, wanting to dupe the public or scared of arousing the passions of voters, had connived to muzzle an honest and proper national conversation. If that was true once, and I think it was a bit, you cannot say it is true now. Politicians won’t shut up about it. There are days when the conversation seems to be about almost nothing but immigration.

Ed Miliband has just devoted an entire party political broadcast to immigration, a first for Labour, this following two big speeches from him on the subject. In his broadcast, which was co-ordinated with a further speech by the shadow home secretary, Labour offered the latest in its series of apologies for opening the door too wide when it was in office. Over in the Tory part of the forest, Theresa May made her own “keynote speech” just before Christmas and is making frequent noises about “crackdowns” of one kind or another. Iain Duncan Smith is meanwhile working himself and Tory backbenchers into a lather about a supposed “crisis” in “benefit tourism”. Ah, that’s what David Cameron meant when he swore he would not let the Tories respond to their drubbing in Eastleigh by “lurching to the right”.

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/mar/10/fresh-way-immigration-public-support