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Immigrants Give More to Medicare Than They Receive, a Study Finds

Source: New York Times

Immigrants have contributed billions of dollars more to Medicare in recent years than the program has paid out on their behalf, according to a new study, a pattern that goes against the notion that immigrants are a drain on federal health care spending.

The study, led by researchers at Harvard Medical School, measured immigrants’ contributions to the part of Medicare that pays for hospital care, a trust fund that accounts for nearly half of the federal program’s revenue. It found that immigrants generated surpluses totaling $115 billion from 2002 to 2009. In comparison, the American-born population incurred a deficit of $28 billion over the same period.



New York Times reconsidering exclusionary term ‘illegal immigrant’

By: Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive

No Human Being Is IllegalLast week, the Associated Press ditched the demeaning and exclusionary term “illegal immigrant”. Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who outed himself as an undocumented immigrant in 2011, responded with: “It was inevitable. It was just a matter of time.”

The New York Times called the AP decision “bold” and announced that it, too, is now reconsidering the term. That’s according to Margaret Sullivan, the Times’ public editor.


Associated Press Ditches “Illegal Immigrant”. And A Lesson For Jason Kenney

Surely this progressive step by the AP should enlighten Canada’s mainstream media, the Canadian Border Services Agency and immigrant-bashing Conservative politicians such as Jason Kenney. It should make them “see” that recent non-European immigrants are as human as European immigrants and their immigrant ancestors?

By: Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive

Photo: Favianna Rodriguez

Photo: Favianna Rodriguez

The Associated Press has – declared that all human beings are equal by ditching the demeaning term “illegal immigrant” from its famed Stylebook for journalistic style and grammar. Stories by the organization will no longer refer to people living in a country without proper documentation as  “illegal immigrants.” AP journalists will now refer to them as people who “entered a country without permission” or “living in a country illegally”.


Lack of Cow Milkers for Yogurt Drives Immigration Debate

Source: Bloomberg

The Alpina Foods Inc. plant that just opened in Batavia, New York, to feed the nation’s growing appetite for Greek-style yogurt should have nearby dairy farmers such as Matt Lamb scrambling to expand their herds.

It isn’t — and not because cows are in short supply. Lamb says he’s reluctant to add to his family’s 5,000-cow dairy operation for fear he won’t have enough workers to milk them every day. That’s partly due, he says, to U.S. immigration laws that were designed for seasonal farm laborers instead of the year-round, seven-days-a-week ones he needs.

“There’s a true lack of warm bodies to do the work in this industry,” said the 36-year-old Lamb, walking through softly falling snow and nearly ankle-deep mud toward one of his milking parlors. “We have Americans who can do this work, but without the immigrants we won’t have enough. Businesses will fail, and prices will rise.”

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-12/lack-of-cow-milkers-for-yogurt-drives-immigration-debate.html

A Texas Demographics Chart That Scares The Crap Out Of Republicans

Source: Business Insider

If the GOP can’t keep Texas red, then it’s really hard to imagine the party being competitive in a national Presidential election.

Texas’ redness doesn’t seem in danger in the near term, but Democrats are optimistic that the growth of the state’s Latino population will make the state competitive eventually.

Via Erica Greider, Michael Li tweets this great chart about the demographic breakdown by age in Texas.

As you can see, while the older generations remain predominantly white, that changes rapidly as you get younger (future voters).

Finding a message that appeals to Latinos seems crucial.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/texas-demographics-by-age-group-2013-3#ixzz2NmlHn0Vg