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In Canada, a ‘Proud to Protect Refugees’ campaign is launched on Refugee Rights Day

By: Canadian Council for RefugeesPress Release:

CCR 30th Anniversary Today the Canadian Council for Refugees and other organizations announced the launch of a campaign designed to transform the conversation about refugees in Canada. Under the banner ‘Proud to Protect Refugees’, 4 April (Refugee Rights Day) will see the launch of new efforts to promote a positive vision of what we want for refugees and of the important contributions refugees make to our  communities.



Canada Border Service Agency broke law with reality TV self-promotion, says BCCLA

Rights watchdog files federal privacy complaint as diverse social justice, labour and migrant groups come together to oppose exploitation of vulnerable people for entertainment.

By: B.C. Civil Liberties Association | Press Release:

Canada Border Services Agency. Photo: Dave Conner (Flickr conner395)

Canada Border Services Agency. Photo: Dave Conner (Flickr conner395)

VANCOUVER – The BC Civil Liberties Association filed a formal complaint with the federal Privacy Commissioner today on behalf of a migrant worker who had been filmed for the Canada Border Services Agency’s reality television series. The complaint, brought by the BCCLA with Oscar Mata Duran, alleges that CBSA’s use of a reality TV crew to record its interactions with people is illegal and that it violated Mr. Mata Duran’s rights under the federal Privacy Act.

Mr. Mata Duran was detained on suspicion of working in Canada without proper documentation, and was deported yesterday. The complaint was launched today at a press conference at which a broad range of civil society groups joined together in opposition to the CBSA’s decision to transform its operations into a source of commercial entertainment.


Budget 2012: Tories commit to treating im/migrants as labour, not people

Source: Rabble.ca

The federal budget released this week proudly declares: “Economic Action Plan 2012 announces the government’s intention to build a fast and flexible economic immigration system whose primary focus is on meeting Canada’s labour market needs.”

Very well. Let all doubts be put to rest. Immigrants are not human beings, not families, not cultural and social producers, not eating, sleeping, drinking, loving bodies — just automatons, labour, just the “inputs” necessary for the market to keep pumping profit.

And who is the market? Big business. Several major banks including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BMO Capital Markets, TD Bank Financial Group, Desjardins, Royal Bank, and Scotiabank shaped this budget and it shows. To these people, im/migrants are nothing but fodder for the profit beast.

Read more: http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/no-one-illegal/2012/04/federal-budget-2012-immigrants-just-labour-not-people