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Associated Press Ditches “Illegal Immigrant”. And A Lesson For Jason Kenney

Surely this progressive step by the AP should enlighten Canada’s mainstream media, the Canadian Border Services Agency and immigrant-bashing Conservative politicians such as Jason Kenney. It should make them “see” that recent non-European immigrants are as human as European immigrants and their immigrant ancestors?

By: Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive

Photo: Favianna Rodriguez

Photo: Favianna Rodriguez

The Associated Press has – declared that all human beings are equal by ditching the demeaning term “illegal immigrant” from its famed Stylebook for journalistic style and grammar. Stories by the organization will no longer refer to people living in a country without proper documentation as  “illegal immigrants.” AP journalists will now refer to them as people who “entered a country without permission” or “living in a country illegally”.



Canada experiencing ‘unprecedented’ changes to immigration policy: experts

Source: iPolitics

Canada has seen unprecedented changes to its citizenship and immigration policy, with more program and ministerial changes than ever before in Canadian history, said a panel of experts at a migration conference in Ottawa Saturday.

The 15th annual National Metropolis Conference, which attracted approximately 600 participants, held a plenary session Saturday morning titled, “What are the social and practical consequences of recent changes to migration policy?”


Why Jason Kenney getting an award for ‘diversity’ only reinforces discrimination

Source: Rabble.ca

Conservative minister Jason Kenney is to receive an award for “diversity” from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in London, Ontario this Sunday. It is hard to say which does more harm to the true values of diversity: the “honouring” organization or the politician being “honoured.”

The JNF covenant reserves the 13 per cent of Israeli land it owns for the exclusive benefit of Jews. It plays the same discriminatory role in the Israeli Lands Authority: together, these two interlocking institutions control 93 per cent of land in Israel, which (with a few short-lease exceptions) is not available to Palestinians. Many of these lands, originally belonging to Palestinians expelled in 1948, were expropriated and then sold to the JNF.

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